「 HEALING MANDAKA ART vol.1」DVD ( NTSC ) 25/SEP/2010 release

In advanced nations, while life has become abundant, many people are afflicted by various stresses; this is not only true for poor people, however rich people are, however convenient their life is, many people cannot feel happiness.
 All small children have a pure heart, however people acquire a different sense of what is important in life as they grow up and via the education they receive from their parents, the education they receive at school and through a society’s rules, people slowly lose sight of what a pure heart is. From a different point of view, one could say that the sense of values we acquire merely amounts to mind control.
It is a pure heart, not a sense of values that is necessary for us to feel happiness.    Of course, knowledge and a sense of values are important in our lives but, on their own, these are not enough and it is sometimes necessary for us to be separated from our mind’s sense of values. Once the art of separating from our mind’s sense of values is learnt, this can become a device that can leave us free from all mind control and a tool for us to regain a pure heart.

- inspiration from Asian Buddhism -
THE ART OF ECSTASY(エクスタシーのアート)
- the soul to expand into the cosmos -
-Invitation to the selflessness-
- inspiration from Japanese Buddhism -
total 63'27"